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ACRO: This class is made for students to work on flexibility, jumps, floor work, legs, turns and tumbling. This style is made to prepare students for more advanced levels of dance as well as competitive dance. Tricks and technique are combined into every style of dance and are crucial for future dancers.

BALLET/POINTE: Ballet is the basis upon which all other dance forms originated. Ballet training offers the development of grace, poise, discipline, strength, suppleness and coordination. We offer a structured program for students to focus on his/her ballet training, which will reflect his/her dancing in every other style. 

HIP HOP: Hip Hop is a high energy style of dance, that uses music from the latest pop, rap and R&B music. Hip hop incorporates movements such as popping, locking and breaking, with the freedom to develop your own movement and sense of style. 

CONTEMPORARY: The focus of contemporary is to liberate the artist inside each student. Combining modern, lyrical and jazz, contemporary will help each student develop technique, as well as artistry and expression. Contemporary will inspire the dancer to find their own style of dance and dance from within. 


LYRICAL: A contemporary art rooting from jazz and ballet. Lyrical is a way for a dancer to express themselves and interpret music. This class can be combined with contemporary, ballet or jazz. The focus is to teach dancers expression and love for dance while telling a story in his/her movement. 

JAZZ: One of today's most popular styles of dance. It is danced to current music yet incorporates classical ballet techniques. This style is upbeat and can be performed in various forms combining all styles of dance. Jazz can be powerful, fun, and makes dance vulnerable in his/her styles. 

TAP: The rhythm of the dancer's movements is sounded out by the metal taps on the heels and toes of the shoe. It starts with a series of basic steps linked together. Add timing, fluidity and great choreography.

MUSICAL THEATRE: Musical theatre combines broadway influenced movement along with lip-syncing and theatrical performances. Dancers get to lip-sync to fun and upbeat theatre based songs while dancing and performing to the music. This class teaches basic theatre and performing skills, while learning the base of broadway technique. Performances often include exciting props and sets.

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